How do I decide what type of monogram to choose?

When deciding on which monogram to choose there are some guidelines to proper monogram etiquette that may help in your decision making. Whatever style you decide to choose know that a personalized gift will always be remembered.

A traditional monogram would typically be:  First Initial-Last Initial-Middle Initial. The last name initial is larger in the center flanked by smaller initials to the sides. For someone named Mary Elizabeth Smith her monogram would be MSE. A traditional monogram can be used for a man or woman.

Many women upon marriage, drop their middle name and add their husband's surname so, Paula Anne Smith is married to Jack Garcia her new monogram would be PGS.

You can also choose to put initials in natural order, which means that they would all be the same height. An example of this would be, Jack Hunter Smith would be JHS. This is typically used for a man.

When monogramming for a married couple the initials would go in the following order: First name of the wife- Last Name Initial- First name of the husband. So for a Colleen married to a Jack whose last name is Conner their monogram would be CCJ. Another option would be to use just a single initial to represent their last name.

An alternative to initials is you can just simply do a name,word or a street number. Use all upper or lowercase for a different look. Most importantly have fun and if your  not sure on what style to choose simply email us and we will be happy to help you decide.